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Have curbs have been installed at the Wynn Hospital?

Yes! Work to prepare the Wynn Hospital site for winter has been taking place over the past few months. As part of this process, rough grading has been performed for some of the roadways, parking lots and green spaces. Once rough grading is complete in an area, stone subbase is compacted and curbs are prepped for asphalt placement. 

Approximately 2,000+ linear feet (LF) of concrete curb has been installed so far, with another 1,000 LF scheduled to be placed within the coming days. In total, there will be nearly 14,000 LF of curb installed (granite and concrete) at the Wynn Hospital. 

The process to install the concrete curbs consists of concrete passing through a machine that molds the curb to the designed size. Once the concrete curbs are installed, final preparations are made for asphalt. Next month, several of the areas that have been prepped will have asphalt binder installed.